Adrianne Lenker Releases Mega Bog-Directed Video for Evol

Adrianne Lenker has released a new music video for the song “Evol” from her album Bright Future.

This video, directed by Erin Birgy from Mega Bog, shows Lenker doing pushups, throwing hay bales, and watching sheep on a farm with friends. You can watch this slice-of-life video below.

“It captures a person wandering and questioning connections,” says Birgy. “Their curiosity takes them through different places and people. They are starting to move away from being alone and realizing how connected everything is.”

Bright Future, which came out in March, includes songs like “Free Treasure,” “Ruined,” “Sadness as a Gift,” and “Fool.” That same month, Lenker also put out a demo collection called I Won’t Let Go of Your Hand, with all money going to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Mega Bog’s latest album was End of Everything, released in 2023.

Sometimes I feel like we are all just trying to find our place in this big world.

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Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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