Blue Bendy Debuts Album So Medieval with Spooky New Video Release

Blue Bendy’s much-anticipated debut album, “So Medieval,” is slated for release on April 12. The London group has already stirred the pot with their fresh single, “Come On Baby, Dig!”

This tune is paired with a supernatural video, a Michael Julings’ brainchild. It features Laura Schuller, known for her work with Marina Abramović. The State51 Conspiracy is handling the album’s release, and they’ve lined up a string of gigs in England and Scotland, starting right before the album drops. Peek at the tour schedule down below.

Lead singer Arthur Nolan had a quirky confession about the song, saying it’s a nod to a past lover and a city escape gone awry. “I was eat pray loving, digging around for some culture post-breakup,” Nolan remarked. But alas, the adventure soured fast, and now Nolan jokes, “I’m banned from Bologna.”

“So Medieval” is a treasure trove, featuring hits like “Cloudy” and “Mr. Bubblegum.” Dive into Jayson Greene’s review of the former for a deeper look. And just for kicks, here’s a sneak peek at the album’s tracklist—starting with the eponymous “So Medieval” and wrapping up with “Goodnight Bobby.” It’s a mix that promises to take you on a wild ride, so buckle up!

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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