Cakes da Killa Reveals Black Sheep Album & Releases New Song Video

Cakes da Killa is dropping a bomb on the music scene with a fresh album, ‘Black Sheep.’ Set to land on March 22, this New York hip-hop and house virtuoso is serving his third full-length via Young Art. And guess what? He’s teasing us with a taste of what’s to come, teaming up with Stout for a slick track called “Mind Reader.”

‘Black Sheep’ isn’t just a solo show; it’s a collaborative bash. Sam Katz, the beat maestro from Cakes’ 2022 hit ‘Svengali,’ is back at the production helm. But there’s more—Dawn Richard and Wuhryns Dumas are jumping on board, adding their own spice to the mix. Plus, there’s “Cakewalk,” a single that’s already strutting its stuff out there.

Now, let’s talk tracks. ‘Black Sheep’ boasts a lineup that’s as eclectic as it is electric. From the groove-laden “It’s a Luv Thang” featuring Wuhryn Dumas to the infectious rhythms of “Mind Reader” with Stout, this album promises to be a rollercoaster of beats and rhymes. “Make Me Ovah,” “4Play,” and “Do Dat Baby” with Dawn Richard keep the party going. Then there’s “Global Entry” and “Downtown J,” showing off Cakes da Killa’s versatility. “Cakewalk” struts in as the eighth track, followed by “Crushing in da Club,” and “Problems 4 Problems” keeps the momentum. Finally, “Ain’t Shit Sweet” wraps up the album, leaving listeners craving more.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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