Charli XCX Releases New Von Dutch Music Video

After weeks of anticipation, Charli XCX finally dropped her latest track, “Von Dutch.” It’s a banger, produced by Easyfun, and it’s got everyone talking. The music video, a cinematic piece shot at France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport, is just as intriguing. Directed by Torso, it’s a visual feast you won’t want to miss.

Easyfun isn’t new to the Charli XCX universe. He’s the genius behind some tracks on her albums *Number 1 Angel*, *Pop 2*, and *Charli*. Plus, he’s collaborated with her on “Speed Drive” and even whipped up a remix of “1999.” In a cool twist of fate, Charli returned the favor, contributing to Easyfun and A. G. Cook’s debut album, Thy Slaughter.

Just yesterday, Charli XCX spilled the beans on her new album title: *Brat*. Set to be the follow-up to *Crash*, this summer release is already generating buzz. Describing *Brat* as “a club record,” Charli’s excitement is palpable. She tweeted, “i was born to make dance music.. i came from the clubs.. xcx6 is the album i’ve always wanted to make.” It’s clear she’s returning to her roots, and fans are here for it.

Remember *Crash*? That album made waves, landing a spot in “The 50 Best Albums of 2022.” With Charli’s knack for creating hits, *Brat* is poised to be another chart-topper. So, buckle up, because if “Von Dutch” is any indication, we’re in for an electrifying ride.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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