Charli XCX Reveals Brat Release Date, Drops New Songs Club Classics & B2B – Listen Now

Charli XCX just dropped not one, but two bangers from her upcoming album, Brat. “Club Classics” and “B2B” are the names, and you can bet they’re as catchy as they sound. Oh, and guess what? The album’s set to hit the shelves (or, more accurately, streaming platforms) on June 7. A little birdie, in the form of a press release, told me so.

Following her last announcement, which was all about her live shows and those DJ sets she’s calling Partygirl, these tunes are a breath of fresh air. And if you’re itching to catch her live, she’s got a UK arena tour lined up too. Dates and all are listed below, so you might wanna check ’em out.

Now, let’s talk “Von Dutch.” Remember that one? Dropped back in February as the album’s first single. Then, outta nowhere, boom! A remix featuring Addison Rae and A. G. Cook hits the scene. Talk about a surprise move.

These new tracks? Pure dancefloor gold. Charli XCX wasn’t kidding when she said Crash‘s successor was a club record through and through. She took to Twitter, all excited, saying this is the album she was born to make. Coming from the clubs, she’s all about that dance music life, and “xcx6” is her dream project come to life.

Brat, the album, is shaping up to be quite the collection. With tracks like “360,” “Club Classics,” and “Sympathy Is a Knife,” it’s clear Charli’s exploring some new vibes. And with titles like “I Might Say Something Stupid” and “Talk Talk,” you know it’s gonna be relatable. Not to forget “Von Dutch,” which we already know slaps, and others like “Everything Is Romantic” and “Rewind.” It’s a mix that promises to keep us on our toes.

As for catching Charli live, she’s got a packed schedule. From Barcelona to London, and even a few stops in the US, there’s no shortage of opportunities. Whether it’s the Partygirl DJ sets or the full-blown concerts, fans are in for a treat. And let’s not overlook the 2024 Arena Tour with Shygirl. That’s right, 2024. Talk about planning ahead!

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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