David Lynch & Chrystabell Announce New Album, Release Lynch-Directed Video

David Lynch and Chrystabell are back together with a brand-new album titled Cellophane Memories, set to release on August 2 through Sacred Bones.

The duo has a rich history of collaboration, starting with Chrystabell’s contribution to the soundtrack of Lynch’s last feature film, Inland Empire. Lynch also helped her with her debut album, This Train, and they teamed up again for the 2017 EP, Somewhere in the Nowhere. Additionally, Chrystabell portrayed agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks: The Return. She describes their new work as music that reflects your own mood rather than creating one. Imagine wandering through open doors where you can get lost and explore.

I think it’s fascinating how music can be like a mirror for our emotions.

If you want to revisit some of David Lynch’s earlier works, check out his solo studio album from July 2013 called The Big Dream. You might also enjoy reading his 2017 interview where he talks about Bowie and the music that inspired the new season of Twin Peaks.

Cellophane Memories includes these tracks:

  1. She Knew
  2. The Sky Falls
  3. You Know the Rest
  4. So Much Love
  5. Two Lovers Kiss
  6. The Answers to the Questions
  7. With Small Animals
  8. Reflections in a Blade
  9. Dance of Light
  10. Sublime Eternal Love

Here’s a video directed by David Lynch for "Sublime Eternal Love"—you can watch it below!

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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