Justin Timberlake Returns as SNL Musical Guest

Justin Timberlake’s return to the “Saturday Night Live” stage is on the horizon, folks! Mark your calendars for January 27, ’cause that’s when JT will be bringing sexy back to our screens. And guess what? Dakota Johnson’s in on the gig too, hosting the whole shebang.

It’s been a hot minute since Timberlake graced the “SNL” set – not since the wintery days of December 2013. But let’s not forget, the man’s a seasoned pro; five hosting gigs and six musical shindigs, including that time he popped his “SNL” cherry with *NSync back in the Y2K panic era. Oh, and remember when he hilariously morphed into Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in 2012? Classic JT.

So, what’s the deal with JT’s tunes these days? It’s been a stretch since “Man of the Woods” had us tapping our boots in 2018. But don’t you fret—our boy’s been busy. He dropped that *NSync nostalgia bomb with “Better Place” and teamed up with Nelly Furtado and Timbaland for “Keep Going Up.” Keep your ears peeled; this guy’s always full of surprises.

And there you have it—a little birdie’s chirp on Justin Timberlake’s upcoming “SNL” cameo. Stay tuned, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a glimpse of some new Timber-tunes. Or at least a few laughs and a walk down memory lane.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell is a senior music writer at SongsDetails.com. Noah has been passionately covering the music industry for over five years, with a particular focus on live performances and the latest updates on artists.