Lana Del Rey Previews New Track Henry Come On – Stream Now

Lana Del Rey’s latest tease is causing quite the stir. She dropped a snippet on Instagram that’s got everyone talking. “Henry, Come On,” she captions it, giving a shout-out to country maestro Luke Laird in the process. It’s a little like finding an unexpected Polaroid tucked in an old book, isn’t it?

Amidst the strumming of a finger-picked guitar, her voice breaks the silence. “I mean, Henry, come on,” she sings, a hint of frustration in her tone. The lyrics paint a picture of a love that flickers on and off, leaving us hanging on every word. And just like that, she’s got us hooked, leaving us wondering about Henry’s next move.

Del Rey’s been on a roll since dropping her Grammy-nominated album in March 2023. She’s not just resting on her laurels, though. From her rendition of John Denver’s classic to snagging a spot as a Coachella 2024 headliner, she’s keeping the hits coming. It’s like she’s got a never-ending stream of aces up her sleeve.

But hey, let’s not get sidetracked by all the glitz and glamour. After all, we’re here for the music, right? And with Lana Del Rey, it seems the music just keeps getting better. Like a fine wine or that one pair of boots that never goes out of style, some things just never lose their charm.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell is a senior music writer at Noah has been passionately covering the music industry for over five years, with a particular focus on live performances and the latest updates on artists.