Melanie Safka, Iconic Woodstock Performer & Brand New Key Singer, Passes Away at 76

Melanie, an iconic voice of her generation, passed away at 76. The news, shared by her children on social media, struck chords of sorrow across the globe. Her family’s message was clear: they were heartbroken but deeply grateful for the love her fans held for her. Melanie’s life was a tapestry of song, strength, and passion, and it showed in every lyric she penned, every melody she let free into the world.

Born in Queens, New York, Melanie Safka’s life was steeped in music from the get-go. Her mother, a jazz singer, introduced her to the stage at just four years old. Imagine that—a tiny voice on a big stage, singing her heart out on a New York radio show. She grew up, studied acting, but it was the coffee houses of Greenwich Village that really got her groove going.

In ’68, Melanie burst onto the scene with “Born to Be,” a debut album that was anything but shy. It featured her take on Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man,” but that was just the start. Her voice—oh, it could dance! It could whisper secrets or shout joy, all with that unique Melanie charm that borrowed from the greats like Piaf and Dearie.

Woodstock ’69—what a scene! Melanie, alongside Joplin and Baez, took the stage solo. Her “Birthday of the Sun” performance was nothing short of legendary. Then came 1970, and with it, “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain),” her first big hit on American soil. That year marked another milestone—Neighborhood Records, the first rock label owned by a woman, was born, thanks to Melanie and her late husband, Peter.

Decades rolled by, and Melanie’s music never slowed down. She kept releasing albums, with hits like “Brand New Key” popping up in films like “Boogie Nights.” Her songs were covered by legends—Simone, Charles, even Cyrus and Morrissey. Her voice, her message, it resonated through the years, untouched by time’s fickle hand.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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