Moses Sumney & Halsey Star in First MaXXXine Trailer – Watch Now

Ti West is at it again, folks. This time, he’s dropping a new horror flick that’s got everyone buzzing. It’s called MaXXXine, and it’s all about the dark side of Hollywood in the ’80s. This gem is being brought to us by A24, a name that practically screams “quality” in indie film circles. And guess what? It’s the third piece of the puzzle in West’s X franchise. Remember X from 2022? And its prequel, Pearl? Yeah, those were the days.

Now, let’s talk tunes because the trailer? It’s got Laura Branigan’s “Self Control” from 1984 setting the mood. And the cast – oh, the cast. Mia Goth, Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Debicki, Giancarlo Esposito are on board. Plus, we’ve got musicians like Moses Sumney and Halsey adding their flair. If you haven’t seen the trailer for MaXXXine yet, you’re missing out. Mark your calendars for July 5; it’s hitting theaters.

Written and directed by West, MaXXXine was first whispered about last year. It’s got a storyline that’ll hook you – following Maxine (played by Goth), who’s chasing her dream of acting in LA. But, twist – she ends up being stalked by a serial killer. Talk about a rough start in Tinseltown. The ensemble cast is nothing to scoff at either, featuring Lily Collins, Michelle Monaghan, and Bobby Cannavale.

A sneak peek into what promises to be another Ti West classic. Hollywood in the ’80s, a dream-chasing actress, and a lurking serial killer? Count me in. And with a soundtrack and cast like this, July 5 can’t come soon enough.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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