Nilüfer Yanya Announces New Album My Method Actor, Shares New Song

Nilüfer Yanya has revealed her upcoming album My Method Actor, which will be released on September 13 through Ninja Tune.

This will be her third album, following her 2022 release, Painless. The new LP includes the single “Like I Say (I Runaway)” and a fresh track titled “Method Actor.” You can listen to the new single below.

Yanya worked closely with Wilma Archer while creating this album. They wrote and recorded it in London, Wales, and Eastbourne. According to Yanya, this project was particularly intense since it was just the two of them working together without any outside input.

I think it’s amazing when artists pour so much of themselves into their work.

The song “Method Actor” is inspired by Yanya’s research into method acting. She discovered that this technique involves revisiting a powerful memory from one’s life. This constant return to a significant moment can be mentally exhausting for some actors. Yanya compares this to being a musician because performing often means trying to recapture the original emotion and energy of when the song was first written.

This fall, Yanya will also embark on a North American and European tour with support acts Angélica Garcia, Lutalo, and Eliza McLamb.

Here’s the tracklist for My Method Actor:

01 Keep on Dancing
02 Like I Say (I Runaway)
03 Method Actor
04 Binding
05 Mutations
06 Ready for Sun (Touch)
07 Call It Love
08 Faith’s Late
09 Made Out of Memory
10 Just a Western

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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