Oscars 2024 Best Original Song Nominees: Billie Eilish’s What Was I Made For, I’m Just Ken & More

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas are in the spotlight again, this time at the 2024 Academy Awards. They’ve snagged a nomination for Best Original Song with their heartfelt track “What Was I Made For?” It’s a big moment, not just for them, but for the whole “Barbie” movie soundtrack, which has been turning heads.

Their song is competing with another “Barbie” tune, “I’m Just Ken.” This catchy number, penned by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, features Ryan Gosling’s vocal talents. You know, the same Ryan Gosling who danced his way through “La La Land.” Now he’s singing as Ken. Talk about range!

But the competition is stiff. They’re up against “The Fire Inside,” a fiery number from “Flamin’ Hot,” written by the ever-present Diane Warren. Becky G brings that song to life with her vibrant voice. Then there’s “It Never Went Away” from “American Symphony,” a collaboration between Jon Batiste and Dan Wilson. Batiste’s performance? Simply soul-stirring.

Let’s not forget “Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People)” from “Killers of the Flower Moon.” Scott George wrote this poignant piece, and the Osage Tribal Singers lend it an authentic voice. Each song tells its own story, painting aural pictures that could only come from the world of cinema.

Eilish and Finneas are over the moon about their nomination. They’ve gushed about it, saying it’s a dream come true. As kids who grew up adoring films and their soundtracks, this nod from the Academy is everything. They’re humbled to be in the company of such esteemed songwriters.

Their thanks are all-encompassing. They tip their hats to Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach for their “genius vision.” The whole “Barbie” cast and crew get a nod, along with the teams at Lucky Chap Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures. And they didn’t forget about Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, who seamlessly stitched their song into the film’s fabric.

A special shout-out went to Margot Robbie. Her dual role as producer and lead actor caught their attention and deeply influenced their songwriting. The duo’s gratitude is palpable, their respect for their peers and collaborators clear. They’re truly honored, and they want the world to know it. Thank you, indeed.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell is a senior music writer at SongsDetails.com. Noah has been passionately covering the music industry for over five years, with a particular focus on live performances and the latest updates on artists.