Pharrell Williams Drops New Album: Black Yacht Rock, Vol. 1 – City of Limitless Access

Pharrell Williams just dropped a surprise for us all on his 51st birthday – a brand new album. The collection features 10 tracks and is up for grabs exclusively on Now, the details are a bit hazy. We’re not entirely sure who had their hands in the mix, but one thing’s crystal clear: Pharrell’s signature vocals are front and center.

What’s the album called, you ask? Well, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher. The cover art throws us a few hints, suggesting it might be titled Black Yacht Rock, Vol. 1: City of Limitless Access. There’s also a whisper that it might be the work of a group named Virginia. But hey, why not take a dive into the website and see for yourself?

Despite the lack of a grand announcement, Pharrell’s pals haven’t shied away from showering the project with love. Tyler, the Creator, an eternal fan, took to X with a shoutout, “caged bird free by virginia black yacht rock, great song.” Pusha T didn’t hold back either, spreading the word through his Instagram stories.

Pharrell’s musical journey has been nothing short of prolific. Remember his second solo studio album, Girl, back in March 2014? Since then, he’s been on a roll, blessing us with tunes like “Joy (Unspeakable),” “Cash In Cash Out,” and “Entrepreneur,” not to mention a collab with Miley Cyrus titled “Doctor (Work It Out).” It’s Pharrell Williams, folks – always full of surprises and never missing a beat.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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