Smerz Announces Allina EP & Releases Video for New Track My Producer

Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg, the dynamic Norwegian pair known as Smerz, have something exciting up their sleeve. They’re dropping a fresh EP titled “Allina” come February 1, and it’s all happening under the banner of Shopping Records. This isn’t just any EP—it’s a narrative-driven rollercoaster, chronicling the highs and lows of a make-believe pop icon named Allina. Picture this: Allina stepping into the limelight at an All-In runway event in Paris, the paparazzi going wild, the story splashed across the headlines.

Now, here’s the kicker: “My Producer,” the EP’s lead single, just hit the scene with a spanking new music video. And let me tell you, it’s a must-watch. Dive into the visual feast right here:

But wait, there’s more to this EP than just catchy tunes. The tracklist reads like a behind-the-scenes glimpse into stardom, with titles that spark the imagination. We’ve got “Allina” and “The Stylist,” followed by “Paparazzi” snapping away. Then there’s “New Shoes” (because what’s fame without some fancy footwear?), “Dance Rehearsal” to perfect those moves, and “My Producer,” the soul of the saga. Rounding it out are “Je t’aime” and “Dangerous,” hinting at a love story laced with peril. Each track, a chapter in Allina’s story, promises to deliver more than just melodies—it’s a full-blown experience.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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