Smile Performs for Kids in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Latest Video “Friend of a Friend”

The Smile’s latest offering is a gem, a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed masterpiece for their new album, “Wall of Eyes.” The video for “Friend of a Friend” captures an intimate performance by Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Tom Skinner. They play to an audience that’s not your usual crowd – a group of children, with Skinner’s own kids in the mix, their reactions as diverse as the colors of a rainbow.

From wide-eyed wonder to the occasional yawn, the kids’ responses are as unpredictable as a British summer. Some are up to no good, a little mischief here and there, but it’s all in good fun. It’s a scene that’s both heartwarming and a tad chaotic, much like a family dinner that’s gone slightly off-script.

Last week, The Smile pulled back the curtain on this visual treat, premiering it at exclusive screening events. Alongside it, another Anderson-directed piece for the “Wall of Eyes” title track made its debut. And let’s not overlook “Bending Hectic,” their June single that snagged a spot on Pitchfork’s “100 Best Songs of 2023” – though, we’re not here to chat about Pitchfork, are we?

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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