Thom Yorke Composes Score for Daniele Luchetti’s Latest Movie Confidenza

Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame, and his side project, the Smile, has been busy scribbling music notes. He’s crafting the soundtrack for Daniele Luchetti’s new flick, “Confidenza.” It’s an Italian job, based on a novel by Domenico Starnone, which carries the same title. In English, it’s known as “Trust,” and Yorke’s diving in headfirst. This gig marks his first full narrative film score since he spooked us with the tunes for the “Suspiria” remake in 2018.

Just the other year, in 2019, he was at it again, weaving his musical spells for Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn.” Now, “Confidenza” is gearing up for its big reveal at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It’s a tale set in the heart of Rome, swirling around a high school teacher tangled in a romantic web with a former student. The cast? Oh, it’s a stellar lineup featuring Elio Germano, Vittoria Puccini, and Isabella Ferrari.

This coming Friday, Yorke’s calendar is chock-full. January 26 is the drop date for “Wall of Eyes,” his and the Smile’s second studio album. Their musical journey started just last year with “A Light for Attracting Attention.” And boy, did that album turn heads. Why, you ask? Well, it’s Thom Yorke, after all. His tunes have a way of luring you in, like a siren’s call, but without the shipwreck part, hopefully.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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