Thomas Bangalter Releases New Chiroptera Soundtrack & Six Hours of Music

Thomas Bangalter, once part of Daft Punk, joined forces with JR and Damien Jallet to create a dance show called Chiroptera, featuring 154 dancers across various levels in the Paris Opera House last November.

Now, more than six months later, Bangalter has released the soundtrack for Chiroptera, which you can listen to below. Alongside this EP-length soundtrack, he also shared another collection titled Chiroptera Matiere Premiere, which spans almost six hours. You can watch a video showcasing the stunning dance performance too.

After Daft Punk split three years ago, Bangalter kept himself occupied with several projects. In 2023, he dropped his first solo work since then—an orchestral piece named Mythologies, initially created for Angelin Preljocaj’s ballet in 2021. He also composed music for Quentin Dupieux’s comedy film Daaaaaalí! and contributed to Gaspar Noé’s movie Climax.

I think it’s amazing how some artists never stop creating.

Here’s an interview where Thomas talks about how ending Daft Punk led him to make his new orchestral album.

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
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