Yaya Bey Releases New Career Day Video

Yaya Bey has dropped a new music video for her song Career Day from the album Ten Fold.

The video is pretty cool, with the screen split into four parts, each showing Yaya in different outfits singing. She and Chassidy David directed it together. Check it out below.

This makes six songs from Ten Fold with videos now. Other songs like “Me and All My N****s,” “Crying Through My Teeth,” “The Evidence,” “Chasing the Bus,” and “Sir Princess Bad Bitch” also have videos.

I think it’s amazing how she keeps creating such unique visuals for her songs.

Ten Fold, Yaya’s album, talks a lot about her dealing with big losses, like losing her dad. She said in an interview that she never felt grief like this before. She had to pay for his funeral and became the main supporter of her family, which was really tough.

You can read more about Ten Fold in “The Best Music of 2024 So Far” or revisit “R&B Upstart Yaya Bey Wants More for Black Women.”

Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell is a senior music writer at SongsDetails.com. Noah has been passionately covering the music industry for over five years, with a particular focus on live performances and the latest updates on artists.