Meaning of Still Think About You

by A Boogie wit da Hoodie · 2024

Still Think About You by A Boogie wit da Hoodie album cover

The song “Still Think About You” by A Boogie wit da Hoodie expresses the artist’s lingering thoughts and feelings towards a past relationship, reflecting on betrayal, personal growth, and the pain of realizing that someone he deeply cared for did not reciprocate his feelings or loyalty.

This song has been Shazamed over 980,542 times. As of this writing, Still Think About You is ranked 157

Still Think About You’ by A Boogie wit da Hoodie is our song of the day, and we’re peeling back the layers to uncover the story and feelings within. Join us on this lyrical journey. ⬇️

🌃 The song paints a vivid picture of reminiscence and regret, with a backdrop of the gritty realities of street life. Through a blend of melancholic beats and raw lyrics, it tells a tale of lost love and the pain of betrayal.

💔 At the heart of ‘Still Think About You’ lies the chorus, a haunting echo of longing and reflection. “I still think about you,” the artist laments, a simple yet profound admission that resonates with anyone who’s ever struggled to let go. As we listen, we’re enveloped in the artist’s turmoil, a dance of memories and what-ifs that keeps us turning back.

📝 The verses serve as confessional poetry, where A Boogie wit da Hoodie delves into the depths of his past relationships and lessons painfully learned. “Watch who you fuck with,” a mother’s advice ignored, becomes a stark warning against misplaced trust. Each line peels back another layer, revealing the complexity of love and loyalty in a world that often rewards neither.

🤯 In a whirlwind of emotion, the song’s narrative spirals from tender recollections to biting anger. “You was supposed to be the one that’s here with me,” he reflects, a dream shattered by reality. The artist’s journey through love’s battlefield leaves us with a gritty tapestry of heartache, a candid look at the scars that remain long after the battle has ended.

🔍 The essence of ‘Still Think About You’ is captured in its raw honesty—the kind that wraps around your heart and squeezes tight. It’s the realization that some loves leave imprints deep enough to shape our futures, a truth A Boogie wit da Hoodie delivers with unflinching clarity

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Writer(s) of Still Think About You: David Cabrera, Artist Dubose, Junior Garcia, Vladimir Santana

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