Meaning of Hell N Back

by Bakar · 2024

Hell N Back by Bakar album cover

The song “Hell N Back” by Bakar is about finding solace and unconditional support in a significant other during a tumultuous time marked by loneliness, substance use, and personal struggles, ultimately leading to a transformative love that brings peace and fulfillment.

This song has been Shazamed over 2,716,300 times. As of this writing, Hell N Back is ranked 187

“Could you tell where my head was at when you found me?” is a heartfelt track weaving a tale of personal transformation and discovery. In this article, we’ll unpack the layers of its lyrics to uncover the story within. ⬇️

🧩 The song sets a narrative of searching and finding, a journey from solitude to companionship. It’s a sonic voyage from the depths of loneliness to the heights of love, coated with a mix of melancholy and hope.

🎢 The chorus strikes a chord, pulsating with the raw energy of love’s redemptive power. “Me and you went to hell and back just to find peace,” the artist croons, painting a picture of a tumultuous yet triumphant love affair. We’re gripped by the honesty, the confession that, despite having everything, one can feel the haunting echo of loneliness – until love fills the void.

🔍 Poring over the verses, there’s a vivid blend of love’s intoxication and the dizzying highs of escapism. Lyrics like “I mixed a lot of love with a lot of drugs, then I found you” and “Late night, made love on the grass” invite us into intimate moments where love and life’s vices collide. It’s a raw, unfiltered glimpse into a personal odyssey, where love is both the journey and the destination.

🌟 Ultimately, the song is a mosaic of redemption, a declaration that love can be the compass that guides us out of our inner turmoil. It’s a realization that, sometimes, the person who saves us is also the one who grounds us, transforming our “everything I was lonely” into “now you’re my everything, I was lonely.

Writer(s) of Hell N Back: Isaiah Barr, Abubakar Shariff-farr, Matt Schaeffer, Johnnny Steven Kosich Jr., Jacob James Kosich, Lee Diamond, Andrew Boyd

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