Meaning of 21

by Darko · 2024

21 by Darko album cover

The song “21” by Darko appears to reflect the artist’s experiences with newfound success, dealing with haters and fake friends, and the desire to provide for loved ones while navigating the changes and challenges that come with fame.

This song has been Shazamed over 42,882 times. As of this writing, 21 is ranked 113

The song “21” by Darko encapsulates the artist’s journey and the struggles faced on the rise to fame. We will unravel the essence of this piece, delving into the lyrics and the emotions they convey. Let’s get started and see what we find. ⬇️

🎤 The track “21” immerses us in a narrative that’s both a celebration and a reflection on the pitfalls of success. It’s a gritty, introspective piece that navigates the highs of achievement against a backdrop of personal turmoil and external pressures.

🔥 At the heart of “21” is its chorus, a potent concoction of pride and defiance. “21 bands for the age of 21,” Darko declares, marking a rite of passage with financial milestones and material gains. Yet, there’s a darker hue to this success; “Then I roll it up” could be a nod to escapism, a quick flick of the lighter, an attempt to smoke away the creeping shadows of enmity and expectation.

🎵 The verses are a rich tapestry, weaving threads of gratitude and disillusionment. “Shout out to all my exes who see what I’m doin’ and they try to hit me,” Darko acknowledges the irony of past relationships rekindling interest as his star ascends. Contrast that with the raw confession, “I been livin’ so blind,” and you’re peering into the soul of an artist grappling with the blinding glare of the spotlight.

🚀 Darko’s “21” is a rocket hurtling through a personal universe, charting the trajectory from anonymity to fame. The ‘A-ha’ moment strikes in the acknowledgment of the double-edged sword that is success: it elevates and isolates, liberates and traps, all at once.

Writer(s) of 21: Kim Jaehyun, Unknown Writer

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