Meaning of What It Is (Block Boy) [feat. Kodak Black]

by Doechii · 2024

What It Is (Block Boy) [feat. Kodak Black] by Doechii album cover

The song “What It Is (Block Boy) [feat. Kodak Black]” by Doechii seems to explore themes of attraction and companionship between “good girls” and “thugs,” suggesting that everyone, regardless of their lifestyle, needs and deserves love and connection.

This song has been Shazamed over 3,718,326 times. As of this writing, What It Is (Block Boy) [feat. Kodak Black] is ranked 150

The song “What It Is (Block Boy) [feat. Kodak Black]” by Doechii is a blend of rap and R&B that explores the dynamics between tough personas and the need for love. Stick around as we unpack the layers of this track and what they mean. ⬇️

🎭 The track sets a stage where toughness meets tenderness, a narrative that juxtaposes the street-smart ‘block boy’ with his softer desires for affection. Doechii and Kodak Black create an atmosphere that’s both gritty and sensitive, playing with the duality that everyone, regardless of their exterior, craves connection.

💘 At the chorus, we’re hit with a hook that’s as catchy as it is revealing: “Every good girl needs a little thug / Every block boy needs a little love.” It’s an anthem of unlikely matches, a shout to the rooftops that under the bravado, there’s a heartbeat seeking out its counterpart. We’re all in this dance of push-and-pull, aren’t we? And yet, Doechii makes it sound so simple, like picking up what someone else has put down – a seamless exchange.

🔍 The verses dive deeper, with Doechii asserting her power and individuality: “All about me- that’s the energy / That’s that lemon pepper thing / I’m a ten-piece baby.” She’s not just any partner in this dance; she’s a force to be reckoned with, a full meal with a zest that commands attention. Kodak Black, on the other hand, offers a raw glimpse into the complexities of his own existence: “Being black in America is the hardest thing to be.” Together, they paint a picture of resilience and the search for solace in another.

🧩 Kodak’s verse adds another layer, bringing in a perspective that deals with the struggles of life and relationships. “He know who to come to every time the world handle him bad,” he raps, acknowledging the support system that a partner provides. It’s a candid admission that even those who seem invincible need a haven, a place to lay down the armor and just be.

🌟 The song’s essence lies in its revelation: behind every tough exterior is a human seeking love and acceptance. It’s a reminder that we’re not so different after all, that at the end of the day, what we’re all really looking for is someone to understand us, to share in our triumphs and our defeats, and to see us for more than the image we project to the world.

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Writer(s) of What It Is (Block Boy) [feat. Kodak Black]: Anthony Germaine White, Bill K Kapri, Jamal Deandre Glaze, Jaylah Hickmon, Akil King, La Marquis Jefferson, Maurice Simmonds, Donnell Prince, Craig Love, Kevin Briggs, Tameka Cottle, Kandi Burruss, Bianca Atterberry, Lawrence Edwards, Brian Kennedy, Jonathan Smith

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