Meaning of Practice

by Drake · 2024

Practice by Drake album cover

The song “Practice” by Drake is about the rapper expressing his interest in a woman who appears to have been through several relationships, which he sees as practice for when she finally gets together with him, with an emphasis on sexual attraction and confidence.

This song has been Shazamed over 850,098 times. As of this writing, Practice is ranked 187

In “Practice,” Drake spins a tale of intimate connection and the anticipation of a romantic encounter. We’ll peel back the layers of this sultry track to understand its deeper message, so keep reading to catch all the nuances. ⬇️

🔥 “Practice” by Drake oozes with a steamy blend of confidence and desire, enveloping listeners in a narrative of longing and seduction. The song evokes a sense of intimate rehearsal, where past experiences shape the present encounter.

💃 The chorus pulsates with a raw energy, Drake asserting that the protagonist’s past lovers were merely ‘practice’ for him. It’s a bold claim, dripping with bravado—yet, isn’t there a twinge of vulnerability there too? We can’t help but wonder if, beneath the swagger, there’s a flicker of insecurity, a silent plea for affirmation that he’s the one worth the wait.

🎤 Delving into the verses, Drake paints a picture of a world where material success and physical allure intertwine, with lines like “Couple thousand on your bag, yeah, fuck yeah.” The opulence and lust form a tapestry reflecting a lifestyle where possession and appearance often trump emotional depth. But, wait a minute—there’s a twist. He hints at a yearning for something real, a contrast to the superficiality that pervades the narrative.

👁️‍🗨️ Amidst the bravado and the beats, “Practice” is a revelation of yearning for authenticity in a relationship that’s been marred by the shallowness of past connections. Drake is looking for a genuine bond, a realignment of the emotional compass amidst the glittering distractions.

Drake’s “Practice” isn’t just about the physical; it’s a confessional of the soul’s search for something beyond the surface, a genuine connection that transcends practice.

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Writer(s) of Practice: Dwayne Carter, Terius Gray, Aubrey Drake Graham, Byron O. Thomas, Noah James Shebib, Abel Tesfaye, Adrian Eccleston

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