Meaning of Enculado

by Fuerza Regida · 2024

Enculado by Fuerza Regida album cover

The song “Enculado” by Fuerza Regida talks about a man deeply in love and infatuated with a woman, describing his admiration for her and his commitment to take care of her, despite the unconventional and potentially dangerous lifestyle he leads.

This song has been Shazamed over 42,654 times. As of this writing, Enculado is ranked 135

Today, we’re looking at “Enculado” by Fuerza Regida, a song that dives into the depths of love and passion. We’ll explore what makes this song tick, from its heartfelt lyrics to its captivating melody. Let’s get started, shall we? ⬇️

🎭 The general atmosphere of “Enculado” is a mix of raw emotion and a touch of danger, enveloping listeners in a world where love intertwines with the thrill of the forbidden. The narrative sweeps us off our feet, into a love story that’s as intense as it is intriguing.

💘 In the chorus, there’s a palpable sense of being completely taken, or as the title suggests, “Enculado,” with the singer confessing how a simple kiss led to an overwhelming love. “Cuando probé sus besitos quedé enamorado,” he sings, drawing us into a whirlwind of emotions that’s both sweet and slightly reckless. It’s a confession of love that feels both urgent and timeless, capturing the dizzying effect love has on us all.

📖 The verses add layers to this tale of enamored bliss, highlighting the lengths to which the singer will go to be with his beloved. From arriving in “carros bien polarizados” to promising the mother that he’ll take care of her daughter, each line is a testament to the all-consuming nature of his feelings. The imagery of taking her to “mirar las estrellas” paints a romantic, if not slightly idealized, picture of love that’s as much about adventure as it is about affection.

🔍 Ultimately, “Enculado” is a song that speaks to the heart’s capacity to find home in another person, regardless of the consequences. It’s about the kind of love that consumes you, the kind that makes you promise the impossible, and believe, if only for a moment, that it might just come true.

Writer(s) of Enculado: Daniel Gutierrez, Jesus Ortiz Paz, Jonathan Caro

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