Meaning of News or Something

by Future Β· 2024

News or Something by Future album cover

The song “News or Something” by Future reflects on the lavish lifestyle, the inevitability of violence in the streets, the importance of loyalty among family and friends, and the consequences of actions, all while emphasizing the desire to see significant events covered by the news media.

This song has been Shazamed over 238,794 times. As of this writing, News or Something is ranked 195

Today, we’re unpacking “News or Something” by Future. This article peels back the layers of the song’s lyrics to uncover the hidden messages and themes. Let’s get into the details of this intriguing piece. ⬇️

πŸŒ† The atmosphere in “News or Something” is laced with a mix of nostalgia and stark reality, painting a vivid picture of life’s complexities. Future navigates through a landscape filled with luxury, loss, and loyalty, setting a tone that’s both reflective and raw.

🎭 In the chorus, Future repeats, “We better hear ’bout this sh*t on the news or something,” a line that resonates with a sense of urgency and desperation. It’s as if he’s saying, our stories, our struggles, and our triumphs are too significant to go unnoticed. This repetition isn’t just a catchy hook; it’s a plea for acknowledgment, a call to be seen and heard amidst the chaos.

πŸ” Diving into the verses, Future weaves a narrative that’s as rich in imagery as it is in emotion. “Man down over yonder,” he raps, touching on violence and loss, a stark reminder of the environment he’s navigating. Yet, amidst this, there’s a resilience, a refusal to be silenced or forgotten. “The police wanna talk, but we won’t say nothing,” he declares, highlighting a code of silence born out of mistrust and survival.

🚨 The essence of “News or Something” lies in its raw authenticity. Future doesn’t just share a story; he invites us into a world where the stakes are high, and the losses are personal. Through his vivid storytelling, he challenges us to look beyond the surface, to see the heartache, the hope, and the hustle that defines his reality.

Ultimately, “News or Something” is Future’s manifesto on visibility and survival in a world that’s quick to overlook the stories brewing in its underbelly. It’s a reminder that behind every headline, there’s a human story waiting to be told.

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