Meaning of Feel My Love

by Glenn Travis · 2024

Feel My Love by Glenn Travis album cover

The song “Feel My Love” by Glenn Travis is about the transformative power of love, challenging the notion that love only exists in movies by expressing a deep, unwavering commitment to making his partner feel loved and believed in the limitless potential of their relationship.

This song has been Shazamed over 557,506 times. As of this writing, Feel My Love is ranked 162

Glenn Travis’s song “Feel My Love” is a vibrant soundscape that paints love as a tangible force. We’ll explore the layers of this melody and the emotions it stirs. Get ready to feel the rhythm and the words! ⬇️

🌌 The ambiance of “Feel My Love” is a blend of inspiration and romance, enveloping listeners in a world where love transcends the ordinary. Travis’s voice is a beacon in the night, guiding us through a journey of hope and determination.

💓 At the heart of “Feel My Love,” the chorus pulses with the intent to connect deeply, to ensure love is felt rather than simply declared. Travis croons, “Girl, I’ll be holdin’ on / ‘Til you feel my love,” as if grasping at the stars themselves—each word a promise, every note a vow. We’re caught in the whirlwind of his assurance; it’s a ride of highs and lows, each turn more exhilarating than the last.

🎵 The verses narrate a tale of disillusionment turned conviction, where love is the hero in a world skeptical of happy endings. “Someone told me / Love was only / In the movies,” sings Travis, but then pivots with a resolute, “But you showed me,” – a stark contrast that underscores his newfound belief. It’s a story of transformation, a soul’s awakening to the power of faith and the limitless potential of a heart in love.

🌟 In the end, Glenn Travis imparts a revelation that love is an act of courage, a commitment to hold on until it’s felt in every fiber of the other’s being. This song is an anthem for the relentless romantics, the dreamers who dare to make their deepest affections known and felt.

Writer(s) of Feel My Love: Glenn Travis

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