Meaning of Natural Born Killer

by Highly Suspect Β· 2024

Natural Born Killer by Highly Suspect album cover

The song “Natural Born Killer” by Highly Suspect appears to delve into themes of inner turmoil, existential crisis, and a sense of being misunderstood or unseen, all wrapped up in the metaphor of being a “natural born killer,” perhaps indicating a struggle with darker aspects of oneself or the human condition.

This song has been Shazamed over 168,181 times. As of this writing, Natural Born Killer is ranked 200

Today, we’re diving into “Natural Born Killer” by Highly Suspect, exploring its lyrical depths and the emotions encapsulated within. This article will dissect the song’s essence, guiding you through its narrative, thematic elements, and underlying message. Let’s delve in and uncover what makes this track resonate. ⬇️

πŸŒ’ The song envelops us in a dreamscape that teeters between reality and illusion, introducing a protagonist haunted by unrequited desires and internal demons. It’s a dark, reflective journey, encapsulated by the eerie calm of a storm waiting to burst.

🎭 In the chorus, “I’m a natural born killer,” echoes not just as a confession but as a desperate cry for understanding. Here, we navigate the labyrinth of the protagonist’s psyche, where the lines between self-defense and inherent darkness blur. It’s a plea for empathy, set against the backdrop of a society quick to judge and slow to comprehend the complexities of the human condition.

πŸ“œ Diving into the verses, we encounter a narrative rich with existential angst and a critique of modern life’s superficiality. “Plot twist, a whole generation lost with no promise,” captures a collective feeling of disillusionment, pointing to a deeper societal malaise. This isn’t just about personal demons; it’s a reflection on the dissonance between our inner worlds and the external expectations that bind us.

πŸ” Through its haunting melody and piercing lyrics, “Natural Born Killer” reveals itself as a multifaceted exploration of identity, societal failure, and the quest for genuine connection. It’s a mirror held up to the parts of ourselves we often shy away from, wrapped in a musical composition that both challenges and captivates.

Ultimately, Highly Suspect’s “Natural Born Killer” confronts us with the uncomfortable truth that the line between hero and villain is often a matter of perspective, urging us to look beyond the surface and embrace the complexity within.

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Writer(s) of Natural Born Killer: John Stevens, Rich Meyer, Andrew Fulk, Ryan Meyer

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