Meaning of Wiseman Ocean

by Jhonny · 2024

Wiseman Ocean by Jhonny album cover

The song “Wiseman Ocean” by Jhonny explores the complexities and contradictions of human nature, rejecting binary notions of good and evil to highlight the inherent flaws and virtues in every person, suggesting that ultimately, we are all just human, made of flesh and blood.

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Today, we’re peeling back the layers of “Wiseman Ocean” by Jhonny, a song that spins a complex web of philosophical musings and existential truths. We’ll dissect its lyrics, melody, and the emotions they evoke, promising a journey into its soul. Let’s dive in. ⬇️

🌊 The song “Wiseman Ocean” engulfs us in a sea of introspection and raw emotion, narrating the journey of humanity through the eyes of wisdom and folly. It’s a haunting ballad that juxtaposes man’s inherent contradictions, floating between despair and hopeful longing.

🧠 The chorus, “I bet your mother would be proud of you,” hits with the force of a crashing wave, echoing the universal quest for approval and the innate desire to make our progenitors proud. Yet, the simplicity of this line belies its depth, as it wraps layers of societal expectation, personal achievement, and the inevitable judgment of our actions into a tight knot of emotional complexity. It’s as if Jhonny is holding up a mirror, asking us to reflect on the legacy we’re crafting through our daily endeavors.

📜 Delving into the verses, Jhonny sketches a world where moral absolutes are questioned, and the essence of humanity is boiled down to flesh and blood. “Bad man don’t exist, no / No evil man exists / Good man don’t exist, no / No righteous man exists,” he sings, challenging the black-and-white morality we often cling to. This lyrical journey isn’t just about highlighting human flaws; it’s an invitation to acknowledge and embrace the gray areas within us all, pushing us toward a more compassionate understanding of our shared humanity.

🔍 Through its narrative, “Wiseman Ocean” serves as a canvas for Jhonny to explore the duality of existence, the cyclical nature of life and death, and the ephemeral definition of good and evil. The mention of primal survival instincts and the raw, unfiltered acknowledgment of our biological drives underscore a message that, at our core, we are but creatures of the earth, bound by the same rules that govern all life. This realization doesn’t diminish our worth but rather elevates our understanding of our place in the universe.

The song ultimately reveals that the essence of human existence isn’t found in the extremes of character or morality but in the simple, undeniable truth of our humanity.

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