Meaning of Know That I Know

by Lake Street Dive · 2024

Know That I Know by Lake Street Dive album cover

The song “Know That I Know” by Lake Street Dive expresses the mutual and undeniable attraction and compatibility between two people, using playful and iconic pairings to describe their perfect fit and the certainty of their desire for each other.

This song has been Shazamed over 53,424 times. As of this writing, Know That I Know is ranked 178

In this article, we’re peeling back the layers of “Know That I Know” by Lake Street Dive, a song bubbling with the excitement of mutual affection and unspoken desires. We’ll explore the essence of this melody, translating its auditory experience into a textual analysis. Let’s dive in and uncover the magic woven into the fabric of this tune. ⬇️

🎸 The overall vibe of “Know That I Know” is an intricate dance of joy and anticipation, wrapped in the warm glow of recognition and mutual desire. It’s as if the song itself is a bright, bustling city street, alive with the promise of something wonderful just around the corner.

💖 The chorus is where the song’s heart beats the loudest, a declaration of mutual admiration so bold yet tender. “Don’t you know that I know that you know that I know / That you want me?” sings the lead, in a playful yet profound acknowledgment of their shared secret. It’s a merry-go-round of knowing glances and unspoken agreements, spiraling into a crescendo of confessed feelings.

📜 In the verses, the songwriters cleverly use cultural references and everyday similes to paint a vivid picture of compatibility and shared joy. “Yeah, we’re like baseball and hotdogs,” they sing, a line that evokes a sense of perfect pairing, as quintessentially harmonious as “The E Street Band and the Boss.” These lyrics aren’t just words; they’re a mosaic of moments and memories, piecing together a narrative of two people perfectly in sync.

🌌 The bridge transports us to a place of intimate potential, where the mundane becomes magical under the right company. It speaks of a connection so profound that together, they could “watch the forming of the sun / And we’ll be there to colonize the moon.” It’s an imaginative leap, using cosmic imagery to underline the depth of their bond, suggesting that their togetherness transcends time and space.

Lake Street Dive, through “Know That I Know,” captures the exhilarating moment of acknowledging a mutual crush, wrapping it in a melody that’s both exuberant and reassuring. The song is a celebration of that thrilling point in a relationship where everything feels possible, and the future is a canvas waiting for their shared brush.

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Writer(s) of Know That I Know: Michael Daniel Calabrese, Rachel Claire Price, Mike Elizondo, Mike S Olson, Bridget Kearney, Aamir Bermiss

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