Meaning of How To Hate (feat. T-Pain)

by Lil Wayne · 2024

How To Hate (feat. T-Pain) by Lil Wayne album cover

The song “How To Hate” by Lil Wayne featuring T-Pain is about Lil Wayne’s feelings of betrayal and anger towards a woman who wronged him after he supported her through past difficulties, leading him to learn how to hate her despite previously caring for her.

This song has been Shazamed over 176,271 times. As of this writing, How To Hate (feat. T-Pain) is ranked 131

Lil Wayne’s “How To Hate (feat. T-Pain)” is a song that wraps up complex emotions in a catchy tune. We’ll peel back the layers of this track and explore its deeper meanings, so stick with us as we break it down. ⬇️

💔 The vibe of “How To Hate” is drenched in bitterness and disillusionment, painting a picture of a love that’s turned sour. As we navigate through the song’s narrative, it’s clear that betrayal and disappointment are the driving forces behind the lyrics.

🎭 In the chorus, Lil Wayne lays bare the heart of the song—how to despise someone who was once dear. “How to hate a b*tch that owe you everything,” he muses, a line that echoes like the hollow feeling of being let down. It’s a raw, visceral outpouring of emotion; we feel every ounce of his regret and frustration.

📜 Delving into the verses, Lil Wayne recounts the tale of a relationship gone awry with T-Pain’s melodic interjections amplifying the sense of betrayal. “I was the one that you came to,” he reflects, pointing to a time when he was the shoulder to lean on, now turned cold. These words aren’t just lyrics; they’re the shards of a shattered trust, illustrating a journey from loyalty to the realization of being used.

🧩 The song is a mosaic of heartbreak and defiance, with Lil Wayne declaring his emotional liberation from someone who took his love for granted. His sharp words are a declaration of self-respect, a vow to move on to “better things” and a refusal to be ensnared by the same mistakes.

Lil Wayne’s “How To Hate” is an anthem for those scorned in love, a blueprint for transforming pain into empowerment.

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Writer(s) of How To Hate (feat. T-Pain): Faheem Rasheed Najm, Dwayne Carter, Tramaine Micheal Winfrey

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