Meaning of Midnight City

by M83 · 2024

Midnight City by M83 album cover

The song “Midnight City” by M83 seems to evoke a sense of anticipation and reflection while waiting for a journey amid the vibrant and almost spiritual backdrop of the nocturnal urban landscape.

This song has been Shazamed over 14,035,512 times. As of this writing, Midnight City is ranked 186

M83’s “Midnight City” is a song that takes us on a nocturnal journey through urban landscapes. We will explore the layers of meaning behind the lyrics and the feelings they evoke. Let’s embark on this musical exploration together. ⬇️

🌃 “Midnight City” envelopes us in a dreamscape where the night transforms the mundane into magic. The song’s pulsating synths and soaring melodies create a narrative of anticipation and a longing to belong somewhere within the sprawling cityscape.

🎶 The chorus of “Midnight City” throbs with the heartbeat of urban life, echoing the yearning for connection amidst the vastness. “The city is my church,” they sing, a confession that reveals a sacred communion with the metropolitan night; we, too, feel that pull, that almost religious reverence for the electric twilight that shelters a million souls.

🚗 The verses paint a picture of restless waiting, a tableau vivant of someone seeking passage through the neon-lit veins of the city. “Waiting in the car, waiting for a ride in the dark,” the lyrics repeat, almost like a mantra. This repetition is a poetic device, isn’t it? It’s like the rhythm of tires on asphalt or the flicker of streetlights over the hood of the car—hypnotic, insistent, and oddly comforting.

🔍 M83, through their sonic alchemy, spins a yarn of the nocturnal urban experience, a mosaic of sensory impressions that are at once intimate and expansive. The song’s true intent unfurls like a night-blooming flower: It’s an ode to the solace found in the city’s embrace, a sanctuary of light in the shadowy corners of our solitude.

Writer(s) of Midnight City: Anthony Gonzalez, Justin Meldal-johnsen, Kibby Morgan

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