Meaning of Según Quién

by Maluma & Carin Leon · 2024

Según Quién by Maluma & Carin Leon album cover

The song “Según Quién” by Maluma & Carin Leon is about a person refuting rumors and asserting that they have moved on from a past relationship, despite gossip suggesting they are still emotionally attached and struggling with heartbreak.

This song has been Shazamed over 1,290,757 times. As of this writing, Según Quién is ranked 196

The song “Según Quién” is a collaboration between Maluma and Carin Leon, which we will analyze for the message hidden in its catchy lyrics and vibrant rhythms. Stay with us as we unravel the emotions and stories entwined in this musical piece. ⬇️

🍻 The song immerses us in a festive yet defiant atmosphere. Its narrative confronts rumors and false perceptions with a swaggering confidence.

💔 In the chorus, the heart of the song pulsates with a mix of sarcasm and wounded pride. “¿Según quién?” they ask, challenging the gossip that suggests they’re pining for a past love. Oh, the irony! It’s as though they’re chuckling in the face of such ludicrous claims, while a part of them seems to whisper, “Could there be a sliver of truth?”

🎶 Verses like “No te creas tan importante” and “Estoy tranquilo en México” offer a glimpse into the singer’s newfound indifference and contentment post-breakup. They mix a cocktail of dismissiveness with self-assurance, as if to say, “I’ve moved on, and your assumptions couldn’t be more off-base.” It’s a narrative of liberation, splashed with a dash of spicy defiance.

🕺 The song culminates in an unapologetic celebration of moving on and living well. It’s a musical retort to the whispers and rumors, a bold declaration that they’re doing just fine, thank you very much.

Writer(s) of Según Quién: Juan Luis Londono Arias, Edgar Barrera, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, Juan Camilo Vargas Vasquez, Lenin Yorney Palacios Machado, Luis Miguel Gomez Castano, Oscar Armando Diaz De Leon Huez

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