Meaning of I Follow Rivers

by Marika Hackman · 2024

I Follow Rivers by Marika Hackman album cover

The song “I Follow Rivers” by Marika Hackman expresses a deep and unwavering devotion to someone, likening their influence and presence to a powerful, guiding river in which the singer is willing to immerse and lose themselves.

This song has been Shazamed over 73,218 times. As of this writing, I Follow Rivers is ranked 98

Marika Hackman’s rendition of “I Follow Rivers” delves into the depths of devotion and the essence of a journey led by love. Let’s unwrap the layers of this mesmerizing track and discover the currents that pull us beneath its surface. Grab your metaphorical snorkels; we’re going in. ⬇️

🌊 The song envelopes listeners in a mystical aura, cast by the hauntingly beautiful melody and the ethereal quality of Hackman’s voice. It’s like being swept away by a gentle yet insistent stream, the narrative a voyage on the vast, unpredictable sea of love.

🔍 The chorus serves as the heartbeat of “I Follow Rivers,” pulsating with raw emotion and unwavering loyalty. “I follow, I follow you, deep sea, baby, I follow you,” Hackman confesses, her words a testament to the lengths one will go to for the person they love. It’s a whirlpool of commitment, pulling us deeper into the realization that love, in its truest form, is both a choice and a chase—a relentless pursuit through calm and storm.

📖 Delving into the verses, we stumble upon a rich tapestry of metaphors; Hackman paints herself as the runner, the messenger, ever in pursuit of her rebel, her reason. “Be the ocean where I unravel,” she pleads, a line that echoes the vulnerability and the desire to be consumed by love’s depths. Each verse is a thread in the larger narrative, weaving a tale of desire, dedication, and the ceaseless journey to be intertwined with one’s beloved.

🌟 At its core, “I Follow Rivers” captures the essence of undying devotion and the beauty of surrendering to the current of love, no matter where it leads.

Writer(s) of I Follow Rivers: Rick Nowels, Lykke Li Zachrisson, Bjorn Yttling

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