Meaning of Still Believe In Love

by Mary J. Blige & Vado · 2024

Still Believe In Love by Mary J. Blige & Vado album cover

The song “Still Believe In Love” by Mary J. Blige & Vado seems to be about maintaining faith in love and the search for authentic connection despite past disappointments, with an emphasis on self-worth and not settling for less.

This song has been Shazamed over 146,606 times. As of this writing, Still Believe In Love is ranked 123

The song “Still Believe In Love” is a collaboration between Mary J. Blige and Vado, where they explore the enduring hope in love despite past disappointments. Let’s unravel the layers of this track and discover its heartfelt message. ⬇️

🎶 The ambiance of “Still Believe In Love” is a blend of reflection and resilience. It tells a story of overcoming the bitterness of failed relationships to hold onto the belief in true love.

💔 At the heart of the chorus, the repetition of “I still believe in love” isn’t just a mantra; it’s a declaration of strength. As the melody swells, we can almost feel the weight of past heartaches lifting, replaced by a stubborn optimism. Sure, it’s a vulnerable spot to be in, but isn’t that where love often finds us?

🔍 The verses paint a vivid picture of the past’s trials, yet they’re not soaked in regret. Instead, they serve as a mosaic of lessons learned. Take the line “I been lookin’ in all the wrong places for love” – it’s a candid admission of missteps, but also a signpost pointing towards a future where those same mistakes won’t be repeated. It’s all about evolution, baby!

👑 The song doesn’t just stop at self-reflection; it demands self-respect. Phrases like “I can’t lower my standards” and “I demand a guy to treat me like the queen that I be” are empowering—reminding us that while love is a two-way street, the road to it should be paved with dignity and self-worth.

🌟 Ultimately, “Still Believe In Love” is an anthem of hope. It’s about not letting the shadows of yesterday darken the possibility of tomorrow’s sunshine. It’s a musical testament to the human spirit’s unyielding capacity to love, despite all odds.

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Writer(s) of Still Believe In Love: Mary J. Blige, James Mtume, Cassidy Podell, Jeffrey Gitelman, Teeyon Winfree, Elliott Trent Bingham, Bradley Darnell Thomas Jr, Tawatha Agree

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