Meaning of Who Can It Be Now?

by Men At Work · 2024

Who Can It Be Now? by Men At Work album cover

The song “Who Can It Be Now?” by Men At Work is about the paranoia and anxiety of someone fearing unwanted visitors and intrusion into their private life, reflecting a desire for solitude and battling with their mental state.

This song has been Shazamed over 4,700,470 times. As of this writing, Who Can It Be Now? is ranked 200

Lets dive into the essence of “Who Can It Be Now?” by Men At Work. This article will unravel the layers of its lyrics and melodies to understand what makes this song tick and touch our hearts deeply. Let’s explore together what the band was trying to convey through their music. ⬇️

🚪 The song sets an eerie and suspenseful tone right from the start, enveloping listeners in a narrative of paranoia and solitude. The incessant knocking and the protagonist’s plea for isolation create a palpable tension, drawing us into his world of apprehension.

🔍 In the chorus, “Who can it be now?” isn’t just a question—it’s a cry for peace, a longing for a moment of solitude amidst the chaos of unwelcome visitors, whether they be real or figments of the imagination. We can feel the protagonist’s desperation, his heart pounding against the ribcage, as he ponders over the identity of his disturber. It’s a powerful, echoing refrain that symbolizes the universal human need for privacy and the fear of the unknown.

📖 Delving into the verses, we’re introduced to a character who vehemently wishes to be left alone, insisting on his harmlessness and need for solitude. “I’ve done no harm, I keep to myself; There’s nothing wrong with my state of mental health,” he declares, offering a glimpse into his psyche. This insistence on sanity, despite the surrounding paranoia, paints a complex picture of a man wrestling with his thoughts and the outside world—perhaps a metaphor for the internal struggles we all face against societal expectations and our personal demons.

💭 The line, “Is it the man come to take me away? Why do they follow me?” opens up a cavern of speculation. It’s not just about fear of the tangible but also the intangible—ideas of control, loss of autonomy, and the battle with one’s thoughts and fears. This song, with its catchy tune and haunting lyrics, cleverly masks a deeper commentary on mental health and the human condition, leaving us pondering the thin line between reality and imagination.

Men At Work’s “Who Can It Be Now?” masterfully combines an infectious melody with profound lyrics to explore themes of privacy, paranoia, and the human psyche, making us question not just who is at the door, but what doors we keep closed within ourselves.

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