Meaning of Scared To Start

by Michael Marcagi · 2024

Scared To Start by Michael Marcagi album cover

Based on these lyrics, the song “Scared To Start” by Michael Marcagi seems to be about a woman challenging her partner to take a risk on love and an unconventional life, despite fears and uncertainties, as they contemplate a future together free from societal norms and expectations.

This song has been Shazamed over 245,453 times. As of this writing, Scared To Start is ranked 188

The song “Scared To Start” by Michael Marcagi talks about taking risks in life, especially in love, even when it’s scary. We’ll explore what the song’s lyrics tell us about the feelings and messages behind the music. Let’s unravel the layers of this heartfelt tune together. ⬇️

🌌 “Scared To Start” envelops us in a narrative of vulnerability and the contemplation of new beginnings. It’s a tale of two souls pondering the leap into the unknown, wrapped in a melody that’s both haunting and hopeful.

💔 At the chorus, we’re gripped by a plea for courage in the face of uncertainty: “Don’t you wait to try it, Are you scared to find it?” Suddenly, it’s as if we’re standing at the edge of a cliff, toes overhanging, heart pounding with the fear and thrill of a jump. The question hangs in the air, echoing – are we too frightened to embrace what could either mend or further break an already fractured heart?

🎵 Diving into the verses, we’re met with imagery of an old dress and dead grass, symbols of worn-out traditions and the comfort of stagnation. “You don’t need a paycheck, don’t need the rent,” sings Marcagi, urging his companion—and us—to cast aside material anchors. These words challenge the listener to consider if the brightest burn truly comes from letting go of societal shackles.

🚗 Marcagi’s lyrics weave a tale of escape and the allure of a life less ordinary—of living “out of cars and bars.” It’s an anthem for the wandering spirits and the starry-eyed dreamers. The song’s essence is a paradoxical blend of melancholy and adventure; a call to arms against the mundane, a battle cry for the beauty of impermanence.

In “Scared To Start,” Michael Marcagi holds up a mirror to our deepest fears of beginning anew, daring us to confront them with a wild, reckless abandon.

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Writer(s) of Scared To Start: Andrew Yorio, Michael Marcagi

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