Meaning of HYPNOTIC DATA (feat. Odetari) [Slowed & Reverbed]

by ODECORE · 2024

HYPNOTIC DATA (feat. Odetari) [Slowed & Reverbed] by ODECORE album cover

The song “HYPNOTIC DATA” appears to be about the entrancing effect a woman has on the singer in a club environment, where he’s willing to lavish her with drinks and attention, dismissing others as irrelevant, and hinting at a superficial world where appearances and material possessions are critiqued.

This song has been Shazamed over 303,296 times. As of this writing, HYPNOTIC DATA (feat. Odetari) [Slowed & Reverbed] is ranked 116

ODECORE’s “HYPNOTIC DATA (feat. Odetari) [Slowed & Reverbed]” is a sonic journey we’ll explore together, unpacking its lyrical layers and musical ambiance. Get ready to delve into the essence of this track below. ⬇️

🍸 The song exudes a dimly lit, intoxicating vibe, akin to a late-night lounge where secrets and desires blur together. “HYPNOTIC DATA” crafts a narrative of allure and escapism within the pulsating walls of a club.

🔮 The chorus hits us with its repetitive, entrancing chant of “Hypnotic (ah),” as if casting a spell that draws us into a loop of infatuation and intoxication. It’s as though we’re caught in a rhythmic trance, the protagonist’s fixation on this enigmatic “goody girl” who’s secretly “naughty” echoing in our minds, leaving us to wonder about the duality that entices us all. The allure is magnetic, undeniable; we’re hooked on the idea of knowing more, yet there’s a sense that perhaps we’re not meant to fully uncover the mystery.

👠 Delving into the verses, ODECORE juxtaposes the glitz with a grittier reality, where materialism and recognition paint a hollow picture. “Everything I got, I worked my ass off, I deserve it,” asserts a defiance against superficial judgments, a raw declaration of self-made success amidst the pretentiousness. The artist’s words cut through the mirage, revealing an unapologetic self-identity that challenges the club’s facade.

💫 Through a haze of beats and echoes, “HYPNOTIC DATA” unveils the duality of attraction and the emptiness of pretense, culminating in an introspective acknowledgment of what truly matters – the authentic self and genuine connections.

Writer(s) of HYPNOTIC DATA (feat. Odetari) [Slowed & Reverbed]: Taha Othman Ahmad

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