Meaning of obsessed

by Olivia Rodrigo ยท 2024

obsessed by Olivia Rodrigo album cover

The song “Obsessed” by Olivia Rodrigo is about the singer’s intense fixation and jealousy towards her partner’s ex-girlfriend, to the point where it consumes her thoughts and emotions.

This song has been Shazamed over 68,490 times. As of this writing, obsessed is ranked 82

Today we’re talking about a song where someone can’t stop thinking about their partner’s former flame. It’s a tune that tickles our curiosity with its candid confessions. Join us as we peel back the layers of this melody’s story. โฌ‡๏ธ

๐Ÿ” The song we’re unwrapping today sets a scene of someone haunted by their partner’s past love. The atmosphere is tinged with a mix of fascination and frustration, painting a vivid picture of obsession and insecurity.

๐ŸŽถ At the heart of the tune, the chorus thumps with the raw pulse of jealousy. “I’m so obsessed with your ex,” the singer admits, and isn’t it just like us humans to fixate on the forbidden? Each repetition feels like a confession, an incantation, a spell we can’t shake off โ€“ we’re pulled into the whirlpool of wanting to know more, even if it stings.

๐Ÿง Delving into the verses, we’re met with details that are uncomfortably intimate โ€“ knowing her star sign, blood type, and every film she’s starred in. It’s as if the singer is constructing an altar to the ex, piece by piece, with every snippet of information a bittersweet offering to their own unquiet mind. This attention to detail? It’s almost like we’re reading someone’s diary โ€“ forbidden, yet we can’t look away.

๐Ÿค” The song’s true intent seems to cloak itself in the folds of envy and admiration. It’s a complex dance of emotions where the singer grapples with the shadow of someone they’ve never met but can’t stop thinking about. Through the melody, we glimpse the turmoil of loving in the aftermath of another’s legacy.

๐ŸŒŸ Ultimately, the song whispers a universal truth: we are often captivated by the mysteries of our partner’s past, searching for keys to unlock the chambers of their heart. It’s an exploration of the human condition, a mirror reflecting our own insecurities and the lengths we’ll go to feel closer to the ones we love

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Writer(s) of obsessed: Annie Clark, Daniel Nigro, Olivia Rodrigo

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