Meaning of Chemical

by Post Malone · 2024

Chemical by Post Malone album cover

The song ‘Chemical’ by Post Malone seems to explore themes of addiction, toxic relationships, and the struggle to break away from a destructive cycle, attributing the inability to let go to a chemical, possibly emotional, dependency.

This song has been Shazamed over 2,048,579 times. As of this writing, Chemical is ranked 11

Post Malone’s song “Chemical” is the subject we’re unpacking today. We’ll explore the layers and messages within the song, so keep reading to get a new perspective on this track. ⬇️

🌫️ “Chemical” envelops us in a hazy, introspective mood, narrating the tale of an inescapable bond. It’s a journey through the fog of an addictive relationship, where clarity seems just out of reach.

💔 The chorus of “Chemical” is a raw outcry, a confession of being helplessly tethered to someone else. “Cause I can’t let go, it’s chemical,” Post Malone admits, revealing how love, or perhaps obsession, defies logic and will. It’s like we’re caught in a relentless wave, over and over, swept by the tides of emotion that refuse to heed the commands of reason.

🎭 In the verses, Post Malone paints a vivid picture of turmoil and conflict, underscored by the line “You break me, then I break my rules.” Here, he captures the essence of a love that’s both destructive and irresistible, a cycle of breaking down and coming back that we’ve all known too well at some point. It’s a dance with chaos, where the rhythm is set by the heart’s erratic drumbeat—compelling, isn’t it?

🧪 The song’s true intent crystallizes in the metaphor of an unshakable chemical bond—both a blessing and a curse. It’s that ‘A-ha’ moment when we realize love can be an addiction, as potent and overwhelming as any substance.

Writer(s) of Chemical: Louis Russell Bell, Austin Richard Post, Andrew Watt, Billy Walsh

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