Meaning of Survivor’s Remorse

by Roddy Ricch · 2024

Survivor’s Remorse by Roddy Ricch album cover

Based on the provided lyrics, “Survivor’s Remorse” by Roddy Ricch reflects on his journey from humble beginnings to fame, grappling with personal struggles, relationship issues, and the complexities of success while maintaining his roots and dealing with the emotional toll of his past and present circumstances.

This song has been Shazamed over 26,754 times. As of this writing, Survivor’s Remorse is ranked 187

Survivor’s Remorse’ by Roddy Ricch is a song that dives into themes of heartache, betrayal, and the quest for solace in the small hours of the night. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this song resonate with so many. ⬇️

🌌 The atmosphere of ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ is hauntingly reflective, painting a picture of struggle and triumph. Roddy Ricch narrates his journey from obscurity to fame, casting light on both his victories and tribulations.

đź’” The chorus stands as the emotional core of the song: “Imagine if I had a dollar every time you said I fell off / I’d be a Billionaire.” This line encapsulates the weight of doubt and criticism he faces, yet it also underscores his resilience. We feel his frustration but also sense an unwavering determination to prove himself.

🔥 In the verses, Roddy delves deeper into personal battles: “Fucc around fell out with some of my homies / Having too much pride.” These lines highlight how pride can fracture relationships and reveal that even amidst success, personal conflicts remain. His raw honesty about child support struggles and strained friendships adds layers to his narrative.

🔍 Ultimately, ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ reveals itself as an anthem for perseverance against all odds. Roddy Ricch’s reflections are not just about survival but thriving despite adversity—an ode to resilience in its purest form

Writer(s) of Survivor’s Remorse: Kelly Briannne Clarkson, Chandler Durham, Taylor Gayle Rutherfurd, Omar Anthony Perrin, Josh Phillip Berkowitz, Josh Ronen, Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr.

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