Meaning of Counting My Blessings (Acoustic)

by Seph Schlueter · 2024

Counting My Blessings (Acoustic) by Seph Schlueter album cover

The song “Counting My Blessings (Acoustic)” by Seph Schlueter is about expressing gratitude towards God for the countless blessings and acts of goodness in one’s life, acknowledging that the magnitude of these blessings is beyond measure.

This song has been Shazamed over 240,127 times. As of this writing, Counting My Blessings (Acoustic) is ranked 198

Today we’re talking about “Counting My Blessings (Acoustic)” by Seph Schlueter, a song that wraps its arms around gratitude and spiritual reflection. Let’s peel back the layers of this musical piece and see what makes it tick. ⬇️

🙏 The song wraps you in a warm embrace of acoustic guitar strings, setting a serene scene for introspection. It’s a narrative about gratitude, a gentle reminder to recognize the blessings in life, even when they seem outnumbered by trials.

🎶 Diving into the chorus, we’re met with a powerful declaration of thankfulness that feels like a heartfelt conversation with the divine. “God, I’m still counting my blessings,” Schlueter sings, a simple yet profound admission that in every detail of life, there’s something to be grateful for. It’s as if each word is a step on a journey towards realizing the boundless nature of divine goodness, an infinity of blessings that can never fully be quantified.

📖 The verses are where Schlueter truly opens the door to his soul, inviting us in to witness his personal reflections and struggles. “It’s like it was yesterday, I was praying for a miracle,” he recalls, a line that speaks volumes about the human condition—our fragility, our fears, and our innate hopefulness. Through these lyrics, Schlueter weaves a narrative that’s both deeply personal and universally relatable, encouraging us to look closer at the tapestry of our lives and find the golden threads of grace woven throughout.

✨ Ultimately, “Counting My Blessings (Acoustic)” serves as a melodic meditation on the infinite nature of gratitude and divine grace. It’s a song that doesn’t just aim to entertain but seeks to illuminate the countless, often overlooked blessings that enrich our lives, encouraging a perspective shift towards recognizing and cherishing them.

This song, in its essence, is a gentle nudge to keep our hearts and eyes open to the everyday miracles that, like stars in the daytime sky, are always there, even if we can’t always see them.

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Writer(s) of Counting My Blessings (Acoustic): Jordan Douglas Sapp, Seph Schlueter, Jonathan Conrad Gamble

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