Meaning of (Entre Paréntesis)

by Shakira & Grupo Frontera · 2024

(Entre Paréntesis) by Shakira & Grupo Frontera album cover

The song “(Entre ParĂ©ntesis)” by Shakira & Grupo Frontera explores the emotional distance and fading love within a relationship, highlighting the pain of realizing that one’s partner is no longer invested in the relationship as they once were.

This song has been Shazamed over 40,300 times. As of this writing, (Entre Paréntesis) is ranked 153

Today we’re peeling back the layers of “‘(Entre ParĂ©ntesis)’ by Shakira & Grupo Frontera,” a song that twines the threads of lost love and emotional disconnection into a rich tapestry of sound. Stick with us as we unravel the narrative stitch by stitch. âŹ‡ïž

đŸŒ§ïž The melancholy that seeps from the song’s melody sets a somber stage, enveloping us in a narrative of love that’s grown cold. There’s an undeniable chill to the air as the words paint a picture of a relationship where the spark has extinguished.

💔 At the heart of the chorus, we’re confronted with the stark realization that love can fade, as evinced by the haunting repetition, “Se nota cuando se quiere / Pero cuando no, se nota mĂĄs.” It’s as if we’re walking through an emotional hailstorm, the lyrics pelting us with the truth that indifference is more palpable than feigned affection. And there, in the eye of that storm, we find the resounding echo, “Ya no hace falta que aparentes si / Pusiste el final entre parĂ©ntesis,” resonating with the finality of a door softly closing.

đŸ§© Delving into the verses, we stumble upon shards of a fractured romance. “Tu boca me niega lo que dice tu mirada,” a line that speaks volumes about the dissonance between action and intent, between the warmth once shared and the iciness that now resides. Each verse, like a thread pulled from an unraveling sweater, reveals more of the unraveling connection, the palpable distance growing between two hearts once entwined.

đŸ•Šïž The artist weaves a poignant tale of recognizing when to let go, of love metamorphosing into a ghostly presence. Shakira’s voice, tinged with heartache and Grupo Frontera’s accompaniment, amplifies the song’s emotional gravitas, leaving us to ponder the cold truth that sometimes, love’s flame can be smothered by the very hands that once fanned it to life.

🔍 The song’s essence crystallizes in the realization that the end of a love story can be as subtle as a whisper, hidden in plain sight, tucked away “entre parĂ©ntesis.

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Writer(s) of (Entre ParĂ©ntesis): Edgar Ivan Barrera, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, Kevyn “keityn” Mauricio Cruz, Lenin Yorney Palacios “lexus”, Manuel Yorente

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