Meaning of Bae

by Skilla Baby · 2024

Bae by Skilla Baby album cover

The song “Bae” by Skilla Baby is about the artist admiring and praising a confident and attractive woman who is financially independent, stylish, and unbothered by others.

This song has been Shazamed over 134,432 times. As of this writing, Bae is ranked 197

Skilla Baby’s song “Bae” is an upbeat track that combines smooth beats with lyrics celebrating a woman’s confidence and independence. We’ll break down the song’s message and its catchy chorus to see what makes it tick. Join us as we explore the layers beneath the music’s surface. ⬇️

💅 The track oozes a vibe of high-class and self-assurance, painting pictures of luxury and style with references to Chanel bags and french tips. It’s a narrative that uplifts the subject—a woman who embodies both beauty and financial autonomy.

🎶 The chorus of “Bae” is an infectious loop of affirmation, with Skilla Baby emphasizing his admiration for his bae’s undeniable allure. “Bae, you know you fine, don’t you?” he asks rhetorically, as if the answer is so evident that the question itself seems almost redundant. It’s a hook that captivates, a mantra of self-worth that’s meant to be chanted as much as heard.

👠 Delving into the verses, we’re met with lyrical snapshots of a woman who’s got it all—fashion, independence, and the kind of swagger that makes others take notice. “You got your own business, got more pape’ than these,” Skilla Baby raps, tipping his hat to her financial savvy and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s more than just surface-level praise; it’s recognition of her depth, her hustle, her essence.

👜 The song is a celebration, a shout-out to women who rock their success and beauty with equal parts grace and tenacity. Skilla Baby’s admiration is clear as he repeats “Bae, you know you fine,” each time like a new layer of respect being added. It’s a track that doesn’t just skim the surface of attraction but dives into the allure of a powerful, self-made presence.

In “Bae,” Skilla Baby crafts an anthem of empowerment, wrapping up confidence, success, and attraction in a rhythmic bow that insists on being noticed.

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Writer(s) of Bae: Marcos Castro Antonana, Thomas Horton, Henri Velasco, Trevon Gardner, Devin Wood

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