Meaning of exes

by Tate McRae · 2024

exes by Tate McRae album cover

The song “exes” by Tate McRae reflects on the artist’s tumultuous relationships and her tendency to change her mind frequently, expressing a casual and apologetic attitude towards her past lovers while acknowledging her own role in the breakups, yet holding onto mementos and memories with a sense of detachment and irony.

This song has been Shazamed over 336,838 times. As of this writing, exes is ranked 130

Tate McRae’s song “exes” delves into the complexities of past relationships and the emotional turmoil that often accompanies them. We’ll explore the layers of meaning behind the lyrics and the sentiments they evoke. Let’s get to the heart of “exes” together. ⬇️

🎭 The song “exes” crafts a narrative steeped in the bittersweet residue of past loves, with Tate McRae’s voice weaving through melodies of regret and indifference. It’s a confessional tale of someone who’s simultaneously apologetic and nonchalant about their fickle heart.

💔 At the core of “exes” is a chorus that beats with the rhythm of contradiction. “Kisses to my exes,” sings McRae, a line dripping with both affection and dismissal—how wryly bitter and yet, oddly tender. We’re tossed into this oscillation of emotions, never quite settling on whether we’re witnessing an apology or a boast.

🔍 The verses are where McRae’s introspection sharpens, with lines like “I’m a wild ride that never stops” painting a picture of a restless spirit. Each lyric is a thread in the tapestry of a narrative full of self-awareness and self-critique. Here, McRae admits to being “a hard case they can’t unlock,” a candid confession that’s as much an insight as it is a defensive shrug.

💬 McRae’s admission, “I still keep their number and their necklace,” serves as the poignant crescendo of reminiscence. It’s a tangible acknowledgment of the past’s presence, a keepsake of what was. Every lyric seems to dance between vulnerability and a hardened front, between caring and aloofness.

🧩 The song “exes” is Tate McRae’s exploration of the paradox of holding on and letting go, an ode to the past lovers and a mirror reflecting the intricacies of her own heart.

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Writer(s) of exes: Ryan Tedder, Tyler Spry, Tate Mcrae

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