Meaning of Magpie

by The Unthanks · 2024

Magpie by The Unthanks album cover

The song “Magpie” by The Unthanks is about the folkloric symbolism of the magpie bird, which is believed to bring different omens based on its number, and a reflection on human superstition and the natural wisdom attributed to the creature.

This song has been Shazamed over 77,868 times. As of this writing, Magpie is ranked 59

The song “Magpie” by The Unthanks draws from an old English nursery rhyme, weaving a rich tapestry of folklore and superstition. Let’s unravel the layers of meaning behind this haunting folk ballad together. ⬇️

🌫️ “Magpie” envelopes listeners in a shroud of mystique, its narrative steeped in the eerie traditions of rural England. The song’s ambiance is one of reverence mixed with a touch of the arcane.

🎭 The chorus of “Magpie” is a carousel of emotions, spinning us through joy, sorrow, and the enigmatic spectrum of life’s offerings. “One’s for sorrow, two’s for joy,” the song goes, fluttering like a bird’s wings between despair and elation. We’re caught in the lyrical updraft, each refrain a reminder of the delicate balance between the good and the bad that life tosses our way.

📜 Verses in “Magpie” are like whispered secrets from an old, wise storyteller, each word heavy with meaning. “She’s more cunning than the raven, more wise than any owl,” they sing, attributing to the magpie a knowledge that transcends human understanding. These lines beckon us deeper into the fold, suggesting that within the magpie’s black and white plumage, there lie shades of grey we are yet to comprehend.

🔍 The song “Magpie” by The Unthanks is not just a melody; it’s a looking glass into the soul of tradition, reflecting the respect for nature’s omens and the ancient wisdom that governs the unseen world.

Writer(s) of Magpie: Davey Dodds

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