Meaning of Good Good

by USHER, Summer Walker & 21 Savage · 2024

Good Good by USHER, Summer Walker & 21 Savage album cover

The song “Good Good” by Usher, Summer Walker, and 21 Savage is about acknowledging a past romantic relationship that didn’t work out, yet still having positive feelings and wishing the best for each other despite the breakup.

This song has been Shazamed over 1,530,948 times. As of this writing, Good Good is ranked 30

The song “Good Good” by USHER, Summer Walker, and 21 Savage explores the complex emotions that arise after a relationship ends. In our discussion today, we will dissect the layers of this musical piece and the sentiments it conveys. So, let’s delve into the lyrical journey of acceptance and well-wishing between former lovers. ⬇️

🌅 The atmosphere of “Good Good” is a blend of melancholy and maturity, enveloping us in a narrative of post-breakup introspection. The artists craft a soundscape that’s both reflective and soothing, inviting us to explore the dichotomy of lingering affection amidst separation.

💔 At the heart of “Good Good” is a chorus that echoes the bittersweet acceptance of a love that has run its course. “We ain’t good good, but we still good,” they croon, a mantra of unfulfilled potential yet mutual respect. It’s as though we’re on the cusp of closure, yet the door is left ajar, swinging with the winds of what once was and what might still be.

📖 The verses serve as a mosaic of memories and wishes, painting a picture of a love that’s no longer in full bloom but still colors the past with vibrant hues. From the tokens of affection spent at Lenox to the shared dreams that will go unfulfilled, the lyrics are a poignant reminder that even as paths diverge, the journey shared remains a part of each soul’s map.

🧩 In essence, “Good Good” unravels the poignant truth that sometimes love is not enough to keep two people together, yet it’s powerful enough to wish happiness upon each other from afar. The song’s narrative is a mature acknowledgment that bonds can shift without breaking, that love can morph into a different kind of good.

The revelation that “Good Good” imparts is an ode to growth, to the ability of former lovers to harbor goodwill without harboring each other.

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Writer(s) of Good Good: Usher Raymond, Paul Dawson, Keith Thomas, Rivelino Raoul Wouter, Nija Aisha Alayja Charles, She’yaa Bin Abraham-joseph, Summer Marjani Walker, Raphael Dewayne Ishman, Caleb Ishman, Melvin Hough, Tauren Jamar Stovall, Jaylyn Denaie Macdonald

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