Meaning of Opps On Deck

by VonOff1700 · 2024

Opps On Deck by VonOff1700 album cover

The song “Opps On Deck” by VonOff1700 is about the artist’s experiences with street violence, loyalty, and the struggles of gang life, expressing disdain for opponents and emphasizing the importance of loyalty and toughness.

This song has been Shazamed over 46,576 times. As of this writing, Opps On Deck is ranked 95

Free My Brother” by an unnamed artist is a contemporary rap song that delves into themes of loyalty, street justice, and the harsh realities of gang life. We’ll explore the layers of meaning in these lyrics together. ⬇️

🏚️ The song’s atmosphere is gritty and unforgiving, casting a spotlight on the struggles within the criminal justice system and gang conflicts. It’s a narrative set against the backdrop of street life, where survival and allegiance to one’s own take precedence over all else.

🔗 The chorus, with its repeated plea to “free my brother,” becomes a rallying cry that underscores the song’s emotional core. It’s raw; it’s desperate. As we chant along, we’re not just asking for one man’s freedom—we’re decrying a system that perpetuates cycles of incarceration and violence.

🎭 In dissecting the verses, we’re confronted with a tableau of violence and retribution. “I seen a nigga get hit in his chest,” the artist recounts a scene with a cold detachment, revealing the numbness that comes from a life surrounded by danger. It’s not just a story; it’s a confession, a testament to the lengths one will go to protect their own in this unforgiving world.

🖤 The song’s true essence is encapsulated in its raw portrayal of loyalty and the stark choices faced on the streets. “Forever gon’ stick to the code, before I come out as a rat, I’ll kill myself,” the artist declares, drawing a line in the sand between survival and betrayal, and in doing so, challenges us to consider the weight of such decisions.

The revelation of “Free My Brother” lies in its unflinching reflection of a life where loyalty is the ultimate currency, and freedom is the most coveted prize

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Writer(s) of Opps On Deck: Chadron Moore, Davon D Meeks, Radric Davis

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