Meaning of If We Being Rëal

by Yeat · 2024

If We Being Rëal by Yeat album cover

The song “If We Being Rëal” by Yeat delves into themes of numbness, disconnection, and self-indulgence, reflecting on the artist’s experiences with substance use, fame, and the isolation that accompanies a lifestyle centered around constant pursuit of highs and material success.

This song has been Shazamed over 36,627 times. As of this writing, If We Being Rëal is ranked 122

If We Being Rëal’ by Yeat is a contemporary track that delves into themes of disconnection, self-protection, and the pursuit of personal satisfaction. Let’s unpack the layers of this song together. ⬇️

🌌 The song establishes a realm of celestial detachment, with the artist Yeat navigating through a space of his own making. The vibe is cold, with a sense of cutting ties and elevating above earthly concerns.

🎶 At the heart of ‘If We Being Rëal’ lies a chorus that’s as catchy as it is confounding. “But if we bein’ real though, yeah, Nah, I don’t never feel nothin’,” Yeat confesses, articulating a numbness that’s both a defense mechanism and a cry for something more. We’re left to wonder, amid the bouncing beats, what it costs to feel nothing at all.

📜 The verses paint a stark picture of Yeat’s worldview, where trust is scarce and isolation preferable. “I keep on chasin’ the highs, I know I could never get back,” he admits, revealing a longing beneath the bravado. These lines—a mixture of swagger and sadness—invite us to peer into a psyche grappling with the hollow victories of fame.

🛸 Yeat’s lyrics are a labyrinth of self-reflection and defiance. “I take the money to another level… I take gettin’ high to a newer level,” he boasts, suggesting an endless quest for ascension and the futility of material triumphs. Yet, in the maze of his musings, there’s a sense of yearning for something genuine amidst the artifice.

The essence of ‘If We Being Rëal’ is Yeat’s exploration of authenticity in an emotionally numbed state, a journey through the cosmos of his thoughts where vulnerability and hardness intersect

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Writer(s) of If We Being Rëal: Eric Kjell Jowett, Gabriel St-onge, Javier Mercado, Joey Fenderson, Louis Esposito, Noah Smith, Spencer Mott

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