Meaning of Finesse

by Bossman Dlow Β· 2024

Finesse by Bossman Dlow album cover

The song “Finesse” by Bossman Dlow is about the artist’s ability to thrive in the street hustle, specifically dealing drugs and making money, while emphasizing the importance of being skillful, or having “finesse,” in their illicit activities and personal success.

This song has been Shazamed over 64,151 times. As of this writing, Finesse is ranked 176

Let’s explore “Finesse” by Bossman Dlow, delving into the song’s lyrics and the message behind them. Join us as we unpack the essence of this track, piece by piece. ⬇️

🎭 The song “Finesse” crafts a vivid picture of street hustle, underscored by a relentless pursuit of success and survival. It’s a narrative steeped in the realities of grinding for financial gain while navigating the dangers and challenges that come with it.

πŸ’Έ At the heart of “Finesse” is its chorus, where Dlow repeats, “I can make the dope stretch, I can teach finesse.” Here, he’s not just talking about the physical act of stretching product or the cunning required in the streets; it’s a metaphor for making the most out of what one has, for survival and thriving against the odds. Each repetition feels like a mantra, a reminder of the hustle and the mindset needed to keep pushing forward.

πŸ” Diving into the verses, Dlow recounts his journey from breaking into houses to carrying thirty G’s in a fanny pack, marking his progression in the hustle. Lines like “Plug threw a nine-piece, okay, bet, I’ma handle that” showcase his readiness to seize opportunities, while “Hunnid in a sixty, fuck a state trooper” reflects a reckless abandon in pursuit of his goals. Through these lyrics, Dlow paints a picture of a life where risk and reward are constant companions, and where staying sharp means the difference between success and failure.

πŸ‘Ÿ The recurring theme of moving up from a life of petty crime to one of larger stakes is evident when he contrasts past misdeeds with current triumphs, like being a “pack mover” and a “weight loser.” These lines are brimming with double entendres, playing on the physical and metaphorical meanings of weight and moving packs, which cleverly highlights the transformation in his hustle and life.

Ultimately, “Finesse” is a gritty anthem of resilience and resourcefulness, echoing the ethos of those who strive to rise above their circumstances through wit and determination.

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Writer(s) of Finesse: Daniel Schnabel, Devante Mccreary

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